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Tub Shopping: Tips for Carefree Ownership

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When it comes to owning a hot tub, the last thing you want to do is stress about maintenance. After all, you purchased a hot tub so that you could relax. Ensure your future years of hot tub ownership are both relaxing and carefree by looking for these three key essentials while shopping for a hot tub.

The Ultimate Easy Water Care

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Knight Tubs Pools & Spas provides full-service care and repair for all Jacuzzi tubs in the Okemo & Stratton regions. We also take care of repairs and provide chemicals and supplies for your regular maintenance at our convenient Ludlow location.

Filtration System Tips

Hot tub filtration systems are designed to capture the vast majority of floating debris. Although most filtration systems work in the same fashion, not all provide the same level of quality. When considering different hot tub filtration systems, don’t forget to:

  • Inquire about filtration cycles, specifically how often all of the water in the hot tub is filtered. If the hot tub holds 250 gallons of water, it’s important to know that it can filter at least 10,000 gallons of water per day. Many hot tubs also offer circulation pumps, which keep a small amount of water moving through your hot tub filter continuously, both day and night. When used in conjunction with powerful filtration cycles, circulation pumps help to ensure that your water is adequately filtered all day long.Ask about the size of the hot tub’s filter and how it stacks up to others on the market. Make sure
  • Ask about the size of the hot tub’s filter and how it stacks up to others on the market. Make sure filters are easy to access, remove and clean. Keep in mind that filters with large surface areas collect more debris and reduce the number of particles pumped back into the water. Two-stage filters are extremely effective at cleaning the water, as the first stage traps the large debris that makes the water cloudy and the second stage removes any remaining smaller particles.
  • Make sure the hot tub comes with a skimmer, which removes particles like leaves from the surface of the water. Look for a skimmer with a floating design that draws in floating debris quickly, preventing scum from forming around your spa’s waterline. Top-of-the-line skimmers have a skimming area of up to 32” and are connected to the 24-hour filter pump, which means they’re constantly skimming the surface and trapping debris.

Water Purification System

Although hot tub filtration systems catch the majority of debris you can see, what about the smaller particles you can’t see? The best hot tubs come equipped with built-in water purification systems that capture even the tiniest particles invisible to the naked eye. The most common water purification systems are UV, ozone and saltwater, but we highly recommend choosing a UV water purification system over ozone or salt. UV water purification systems use natural ultraviolet light to instantly disinfect the water as it passes through a light chamber. The same UV-C technology is so effective that it’s used in the bottling and beverage industry, as well as hospitals and other healthcare environments where sanitation is vital. In fact, the UV water purification works so well that it reduces the amount of sanitizing chemicals you need to add, helping to prevent that chemical smell, as well
as eye and skin irritation.

Owner Water Maintenance

With the one-two punch of the filtration system and water purification system doing the majority of the work, your job is easy! All that’s left to do is simply check and maintain balanced water levels after each use and hose out the filters, a process which takes no more than 10 minutes per week. Armed with some basic supplies (test strips, a chlorine or bromine sanitizer and a garden hose), follow these simple steps.

  • After each use (2-3 min): Check the water’s balance by dipping in a test strip for 1 second, and then waiting 15 seconds to ensure an accurate reading. If the test strip indicates a low sanitizer level, add roughly a cap full of your preferred sanitizer (check the recommended dosage based on spa size and usage).
  • Weekly (2-3 min): Once a week, oxidize the water. Also known as “shocking” the hot tub, this simple process involves adding an ample dose of sanitizer/oxidizer to quickly destroy any unwanted contaminants that can cause cloudy water or odor.
  • Monthly (10 min): Once a month, remove and clean out your filters with a high-pressure hose. It’s best to have a secondary filter on hand to switch out during the cleaning process.

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When shopping for a hot tub, be sure to consider the warranty. Other brands guarantee's last 1 or 2 years, but our quality hot tubs feature limited warranties for up to 10 years! In addition, a network of authorized Jacuzzi® dealers and technicians is standing by to ensure years of worry-free enjoyment.

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