Installation Ideas

Installation Ideas Get inspired and start envisioning the best location for your new Jacuzzi®

Locate Your New Hot Tub to be Amazing!

Hot Tub Installation Services

at your Okemo or Stratton Area Home

Buying a hot tub should be fun- and easy! With Knight Tubs Pools & Spas, our team is dedicated to making the purchase process simple, from browsing to hot tub installation. All of our genuine Jacuzzi® brand hot tubs are designed to be placed on a deck or patio of your Okemo or Stratton area home. They can also be recessed with the proper service access provided. We are very happy to work with each of our customers to determine the best location for your new hot tub. Installations are part of our business. We want to make sure your tub is going to look great and operate like clockwork. With our top service and the Jacuzzi® brand warranties, your tub can continue to look and operate like new for years to come.

When you purchase a Jacuzzi® you are buying peace of mind and the confidence that your hot tub is made to the demanding standards of the Jacuzzi® brand.  There is no other manufacturer who understands the challenging weather of a Vermont Winter!


Knight Tubs Pools & Spas will:

  • Conduct a site visit to help you place your tub
  • Recommend local contractors and electricians
  • Deliver and place your new hot tub at your home
  • Demonstrate the functions of the tub
  • Provide instruction on how to properly care for and maintain your tub
  • Service your tub as needed

All hot tub installation services are included, no hidden fees or add-ons. These services are all free with the purchase of any new hot tub from Knight Tubs Pools & Spas.

With a little help from our friends we seem to be able to get most things done. Okemo Mountain Resort was a huge help with our success on this winter hot tub install!

Whether your home is lakeside, trailside, a private backyard in the village, or a secluded mountain location with amazing views, we have the know-how and the equipment available to locate your hot tub just where you want it for maximum enjoyment and relaxation!




In the Village

If you can envision it, we'll get it there!

We’ll get your new hot tub installed right where you want it.

A Team Approach

Easy Installations

We can work along with your carpenter, landscaper, and electrician to ensure that your new hot tub is safely installed just the way you want it. Not from the area? We can help you find terrific, trustworthy contractors to keep your installation moving forward.

If you already have a deck or patio suitable for the hot tub, we will place the tub where you wish, fill it, start it and meet with you personally to review the operation of the hot tub and proper water balance. Once your tub is in place, consider our trusted service team for your maintenance needs.