Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Tubs

Knight Tubs Jacuzzi

A hot tub is surprisingly LOW maintenance. Simple regular maintenance will keep your tub clean and pleasant. Knight Tubs has a variety of maintenance plans designed to have our expert maintenance team to keep your Jacuzzi® ready for enjoyment.

On average it costs $25-$45 per month to heat a hot tub in Vermont. Costs vary slightly based on the size of your model and your electric rates.

The weight of a hot tub including water and occupants can be approximately 5,000 pounds, depending of course on the actual specifications and water volume of your model. If installing on a deck, it should be able to support 100 pounds per square foot.

In some instances insurance may pay for a hydrotherapy spa to care for arthritis, but please check with your insurance carrier prior to planning your purchase.  

Most people soak between 101°F-104°F and average usage is 15-30 minutes. This will vary to your own personal preference of course, outdoor temperature or therapeutic purpose.

Absolutely, we have several options available to suit your financing needs, subject to approved credit.

No problem at all. Jacuzzi® tubs are designed to run year round in all kinds of weather and have the ability to adjust filtration settings to minimal or high use depending on expected usage frequency.

Yes, you can install a hot tub indoors with proper humidity control. 95% of our installations in Vermont are outdoors, however, due to the ease of caring for an outdoor installation.

In addition to Okemo/Ludlow, Killington, Stratton and Mount Snow, Knight Tubs also services:

  • Wilmington
  • Wardsboro
  • West Wardsboro
  • Jamaica
  • Londonderry
  • Mount Holly
  • Andover
  • Weston
  • Peru
  • Landgrove
  • Windham
  • Ascutney
  • Brownsville

We can install hot tubs at a variety of heights. We just need ground access to be able to position a small crane to install a hot tub on upper floors.

 Jacuzzi® is the original/oldest/highest quality/reliable name in the business – they started the industry over 60 years ago. Knight Tubs is the most reliable service company in the industry in central Vermont, serving Okemo, Stratton, Mount Snow, Bromley and Killington since 1984. Knight Tubs  has 4 factory trained technicians to handle all your hot tub needs.  We stand behind our products so you can rest assured you’ll enjoy the best experience possible from learning which is the right hot tub for you, to the installation and care of your new Jacuzzi. Visit Jacuzzi for more info:

At Knight Tubs, we use chlorine, bromine or natural enzyme system – all new Jacuzzi tubs integrate the latest UV sanitizing technology as well

The temperature of your Jacuzzi® can be set from 80-104 and regulated to hold at the set temperature so it cannot get too hot to safely soak.

Because Jacuzzi® hot tubs are so energy efficient, we recommend you leave the tub at your preferred temperature. It is more efficient to maintain a preferred soaking temperature than to increase temperature on demand. 

We’ve never had a hot tub freeze in Vermont. As an added layer of protection, the Jacuzzi® ProLink™ WiFi module, available on many models, is an app that can alert us (or you) if the temperature gets dangerously low. In addition, the app allows you control functions of the hot tub remotely. We also work with alarm companies to install low temp alarms to alert us before power failure issues cause damage.

We can deliver and install hot tubs year round. Our busiest months are April-December. While we typically do not install during winter months, we can always make exceptions.  The only constant is mother nature dictates when a tub can be delivered, so snow or ice storms usually make it unfavorable for installing outdoors.

Knight Tubs is conveniently located in Ludlow. We visit our local towns on a fixed schedule and we service the following areas (with distances):

  • 2 miles from Okemo Mountain
  • 17 miles from Killington
  • 28 miles from Stratton
  • 45 miles from Mount Snow
  • 11 miles from Weston/Landgrove

Our Jacuzzi hot tubs require 220 volt service. We can recommend and work with your electrician to assure the job is done to safe and proper specifications.

Yes. We have several options for ways to secure your hot tub depending on your needs.

Yes. your Jacuzzi® controls can be secured to prevent unwanted adjustments to temperature and filtration cycles.

We recommend drinking water when you are done with your soak to stay properly hydrated. 

It would be best to visit our shop at 11 Main St. in Ludlow. With no sales pressure, we can guide you through all the ins and outs of selecting the right size and model of Jacuzzi® Hot Tub based on your needs.

A new Jacuzzi® spa will give you 15+ years of enjoyment

Knight Tubs can recommend the most honest and dependable electricians and carpenters to help get your hot tub installed properly.

We offer a wide range of pricing for Jacuzzi® hot tubs depending on the size and features you’d like. Call us to narrow down your choices of come visit our showroom and try one out! We also have financing to make it much easier to begin enjoying a Jacuzzi® today! 

Hot tubs in Vermont don’t freeze when they are well-insulated and operating properly. Jacuzzi brand hot tubs incorporate the most up-to-date energy efficient features into their designs to keep your hot tub warm and always ready to use, with minimal effect on your electric bill.

Salt is corrosive and is not a good long-term solution for sanitizing your hot tub. (Think about the underside of our car after driving on salted roads in the winter – rust!) Jacuzzi uses Ozone and UV light as secondary sanitizers (after chlorine or bromine) to keep your hot tub clean because they are very effective and have fewer side effects including deterioration of equipment. 

Jacuzzi’s CLEARRAY PRO3TECT® supports a hands-free approach to water care. Designed to work with CLEARRAY® UV-C technology, it automatically oxidizes impurities in the water. The low-output ozone has minimal off-gassing and prolongs equipment life longer than traditional ozone systems. This genuine Jacuzzi® part is specifically calibrated to work with the filtration system in your hot tub and is available as a upgrade on any new spa.

The CLEARRAY® UV-C system offers clean and clear water with less chemicals. Using UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens and reduce the amount of sanitizer you use, CLEARRAY® makes it easier than ever before to maintain clean, fresh, clear water. It comes standard on all models and requires a simple annual bulb change.

The quality of your drinking water is not an issue for hot tubs. There are several solutions to hard water that can be easily applied. Regular, proper maintenance also keeps your water quality high and the hot tub enjoyable.

Industry Leading 10-Year Warranty

When shopping for a hot tub, be sure to consider the warranty. Other brands guarantee's last 1 or 2 years, but our quality hot tubs feature limited warranties for up to 10 years! In addition, a network of authorized Jacuzzi® dealers and technicians is standing by to ensure years of worry-free enjoyment.

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